Long, long ago, the Ten Thousand spirits came together and with their bodies, made the World. By sacrificing their vessels they moved on to become people...

The Story

When bike messenger Ali Piper delivers a package to a strange location, she unintentionally sparks the last stages of an ongoing prophecy that began since the beginning of time...

The Setting

Individuals born with inexplicable or unusual paranormal powers, or with abnormal physical adaptations are called 'Specials'. While the appearance of Specials is not a new thing, people still question their origins -- why are they born, how do they manifest their supernatural powers, and what does it mean for the world population? The Western world continues to monitor and regulate these special individuals in the hopes of channeling their rare abilities to help rather than hinder, while at the same time trying to define and protect their rights -- but it only takes a few bad apples to make the tree look bad, so it is a constant struggle for Specials to survive in the modern world.

The Solution

Agent Alex Greene was initially in on it for a paycheck. But when he discovers the true nature of the war between the FIRM and Trigenta, he decides to take matters into his own hands...

Specifications and Organizational Data

A world where enhanced individuals have the potential to be dangerous average people can be a scary place. With this in mind, specific sanctions, laws, and rights have been granted to Specials to not only keep them in check, but also for their own protection.

Keeping track of Specials takes a lot of investigation and professional evaluation. So far, these are the variables by which Specials are identified and determined:


Specials are classed by type:

Type 1 — Resembles humanoid inside and out, has all normal organs, etc. May include specialized organs (gills, bladders, glands, sacs, extra bits, etc), but is generally humanoid.

Type 2 — The shape-shifters, transformers, or major mutational body types while maintaining relative sentient intelligence and self-awareness. Includes Specials that resemble non-specific species, but maintain sentience. (Note: does NOT include hybrid individuals.)

Type 3 — Animal Specials, or unknown animal mutants that specifically lack sentient intelligence/consciousness. Includes invertebrates.

Type 4 — Vegetable. Genetic makeup possesses all qualities inherent in plantlife, including cell-walls, chloroplasts, etc. Extremely basic sensory system, may even be able to produce its own food (photosynthesis, etc), or reproduce asexually (cloning).

Type 5 — Mineral in nature, highly different from carbon-based lifeforms, eg. arsenic-based, silicon-based, etc.

Type 6 — The microscopics: viruses, bacteria, amoebic mutants. May exist as basic sentient colonies, such as slime molds, etc. Can be cross-sectioned with Type 3 Specials depending on level of awareness or intelligence of said colony. Extremely rare.

Type 7 — Quantum forms: the Special exists only as a mass of energy/light/sound, or is made up of a single element, or exists only in specific phase-space (2-dimensional, multi-dimensional, etc).

Aspect Classes

Special 'powers' are called Aspects.

Aspects can be categorized into four major types:

— calling on external forces, such as wind, fire, water, plants, animals, emotions, or producing said forces/expel matter. This includes: classic elementals (that don't shapeshift), summoners (swarms, etc), 'enchanters' (charmers, empaths), also certain types of illusionists that rely on altered perception instead of altered reality. Raising the dead (zombies) and manipulating dead bodies counts as evocation.

Wave-Particle Controllers
— manipulation of waves or particles, including telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, anything electrical, and quantum-class Specials. PHYSICS.

— shape-shifters, transformation of the self, of body parts, of external matter, shifting forms of matters, also changing states of matter (temperature, density, etc.). Bringing people back to life, or breathing life into dead things (and not just animating them) is considered transmutation (transmuting the dead into the living).

​— enhanced senses, reflexes, super physical build, specialized bodyparts. Also includes 'monstrous' Specials with static forms who have no active Aspect abilities.

Categories: Damage Ratings

Some if not most Specials pose a potential risk to life and can cause environmental damage by their adaptations.

Category 0
Minor or no damage. 63.5%
The power/attack does minor damage to structures and living things. No lasting damage to an average, healthy adult in normal clothing.
Category 1
Moderate damage. 22%
Breaks non-reinforced windows, causes moderate property damage in smaller structures. Causes serious but survivable injuries on a fit and prepared adult wearing partially protective clothing (broken bones, puncture wounds, burns, etc.)
Category 2
Considerable Damage. 11%
When directed, serious property damage occurs to house-sized structures. An attack with this power can result in critical to fatal injuries in a prepared adult wearing impact body armor.
Category 3
Severe damage. 3.4%
Entire sections of houses and buildings destroyed. Severe damage to large concrete buildings such as bunkers. Heavy trucks destroyed. High chance of the attack killing a prepared/fit/trained adult or other powered individual even when in protective clothing and gear.
Category 4
Extreme damage. 0.7%
Solid, well- constructed buildings are damaged beyond repair. Even tanks and light aircraft can be flipped or destroyed. When attack is focused on most prepared/fit adults (powered or not) they die.
Category 5
Total destruction .01<% (has never happened)
Tall buildings collapse. Cars/trains/trucks can be thrown a mile or more. Military aircraft downed. Whole cities possibly destroyed by the power. Huge loss of life, survivors unfortunately are minimal (with powers and without.)

Dynamic vs Static Specials

Not every Special is born with a fully developed Aspect. Some require time for their Aspect to grow and evolve, phasing from one stage to the next; these Aspects are considered 'Dynamic'. For some, their Aspect has already peaked and will not experience evolution or change, and is therefore considered 'Static'.

It is difficult to tell whose Aspect is still in development and whose are stable, so registration updates are required every year to keep track of comprehension changes or ability upgrades. All registration upgrades must first go through the Haugen Institute for proper evaluation.

The HAUGEN Institute

Albeit under mysterious circumstances, the Haugen Institute was developed by the American government only ten years ago in order to regulate and catalogue all Specials within the nation, as well as to handle awareness and protection for such individuals.

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